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Robotic Process Automation

At Botsmaticz, we work with organizations to build automated solutions focused towards delivering cost reduction and reimagining processes to create intuitive systems.

Intelligent Automation

represents an evolved version of automation in which machines mimic human actions and possess cognitive capabilities, including natural language processing, speech recognition etc...

Machine Learning

ML is the scientific study of algorithms and statistical models that computer systems use to effectively perform a specific task without relying on patterns and inference instead.

Artificial Intelligence

Artificial intelligence (AI) is not new. It has been around for decades. However, due to greater processing speeds and access to rich data, AI is beginning to take root in our everyday lives.

Optical Character recognition ( OCR)

OCR, is a technology that enables you to convert different types of documents, such as scanned paper , PDF files or images captured by a digital camera into editable and searchable data.

BlockChain Technologies

A blockchain is a series of immutable record of data that is managed by cluster of computers that are secured and bound to each other using cryptographic principles.

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Robotic Process Automation Solutions

Delivering Continuous Process Optimization

Unattended Automation

Offload mundane, repetitive and time-consuming business processes to your Kryon virtual workforce for quick and efficient execution on a virtual server.

Attended Automation

Kryon Robots empower employees to complete tasks with greater speed, accuracy and efficiency, guiding them through processes or automating “swivel chair” activities.

Hybrid Automation

Kryon enhances productivity at every step of your business processes by enabling collaboration between your virtual and human workforces.

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